Where Has Time Gone?!

Oh my goodness I have been so busy!!!! I can't believe next week is Thanksgiving and that the semester is almost over! I am so excited to fly home and see my family and spend time with them. I fly out this Saturday and stay with them in Spokane until Thursday when we all drive down to St. George (yes we're moving on Thanksgiving). I think it will be a great and fantastic change for my family, but we will definitely miss all of our family and friends in good ol' Spokane :( I have some fun things planned to do with friends and family while I'm in Spokane which include seeing New Moon, playing volleyball, eating a big Thanksgiving dinner, oh and lots of packing ha ha. Well some fun things that I've been up to lately...um ward Thanksgiving dinner and talent show which was amazing!, lots of fantastic competitive volleyball, and or course the dreaded school work :( But it's all good and life is great!


Brooke said...

Are you playing volleyball for school or intramural or a class? I loved my sports classes at BYU. Good times. Enjoy it all!!!

Robert said...


Lexi, you're not posting much anymore. I enjoy reading your blog.

Love, Dad

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